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What is a Rocky Horror Virgin?

Being a member of a Rocky Horror audience isn't just low light, greasy popcorn, random "Shhh"s and a contrived plot. At Rocky Horror, you are not only allowed to throw props in the auditorium and scream your lungs out, it's encouraged. We scream. We cheer. We laugh. We have a hell of a lot of fun. When you watch Rocky Horror in a theater with a live cast it's not just a movie, it's an experience.

"Virgins" are those unsuspecting audience members who have never seen a live cast perform the movie in a theater. In the case of the Clinton Street Cabaret, we invoke a born-again virgin rule that reinstates your Rocky virginity after being absent from our sinful sinful ways for more than a period of six months.

So, what happens to these "virgins" then? Well, we initiate you into our group of misfits and rejects of course! How we do that is a closely guarded secret (and also tends to change each night), but it is always in good fun and excitement. Want a few examples? Too bad! Come visit and find out first hand!

So, what should I do while watching the movie?

Well, there are a few options. We suggest you do all of them! It's more fun that way!

  1. Bring Props:

    Half of the fun is interacting with the movie! One such way to do that is to bring props. If our heros are out in the rain, make sure to have a newspaper to put over your head. If someone declares a toast, toss some. If there's a wedding scene, why not throw some rice? Props are great fun and wonderfully encouraged.

    We do ask that if you throw props you follow a few basic guidelines:

    • No thrown water or open flames in the theater. The floors get slippery and our actors wear hair products so they can look their best for you. It really is a kick to the ego to get the crap beaten out of you by a transvestite in 5" heels. Of course if you see a fire in the theater, please feel free to throw as much water as is needed.
    • Thrown rice (toast, cards, etc.) is meant to be fun and should not cause damage to the theater or other people. Make sure to throw your props up into the air and away from any actors, lighting equipment, or the projectionist's booth.
    • Make sure to be courteous to our staff and pick up any spare props you have remaining and put them in one of the many garbage cans on your way out (or save them for the next performance!).

    Props to bring:

    • Rice - To be thrown during the wedding scene. We'll let you know when! (Please do not throw glitter or confetti!)
    • Newspaper - Wear it over your head during the rain scene. (Water pistols are not allowed.)
    • Flashlight - During the song "There's a Light", help us add a little mood lighting! (Lighters are not allowed.)
    • Rubber Gloves - Snap them in time with Frank during the creation scene!
    • Toilet Paper - Thrown when Dr. Scott enters the Lab. Brad exclaims "Great Scott!"
    • Party Poppers, Blowers, and Hats - Use these during the dinner/happy birthday scene where we all sing! Well, kind of.
    • Toast - During the dinner scene, Frank will make a toast! Make one yourself or just throw some! (Dry toast only, please!)
    • Bell - During "Planet Schmanet" just after the dinner scene, Frank will sing "Did you hear a bell ring?" Make sure we do! (Your car keys or something similar will work for this as well!)
    • Playing cards - During "I'm going home", throw some cards when Frank sings "Cards for sorrow. Cards for pain."

    (If you can't find props or simply forget, have no worry! Our lovely Trixie will be happy to sell some to you at the door! If you can't find her, just ask!)

  3. Audience Participation Lines:

    Another way to interact with the movie (and the rest of the audience!) is to scream at the movie. If you see that geek in the thick black-framed glasses, call him an "asshole". That innocent young girl in the pink dress? Call her a "slut"! Honestly, we won't mind. Hell, we'll probably be screaming it right along with you. Most of the Audience Participation Lines (AP Lines) take a little while to get the hang of, but if you have a line of your own that you think is great, scream it! Heck, if it's good we may even steal it and use it each week!

    Here are a few lines to get you started:

    • When Brad Majors appears or says his name, greet him with the customary "Asshole!"
    • When Janet Weiss's name is mentioned or she just deserves it, call her a "Slut!"
    • When Eddie appears for the first time, a cry of "Not Meatloaf again!" works wonders! Random Meatloaf jokes through the rest of the movie are also encouraged!
    • The Criminologist (who tells us all about our faithless heros) has no neck! Make sure he knows! "This man has no f#cking neck!" is popular to say when we first meet him.

  4. Dance the Time Warp:

    Let's do the Time Warp again! Get up on stage and follow along with everyone else! We aren't grading you on your performance, just have a good time! It's just a jump to the left and then a step to the right! Just watch the Crim! He'll show you how to do it!

  5. Have Fun:

    We get our energy from you, the audience! So if you like something, make some noise and show us! Yell until you're hoarse! Dance! Sing along! Just have a good time!

  6. After-Rocky Coffee:

    We always do coffee somewhere after the performance where you can chat with us and get a late-night bite to eat! Just listen to our Master of Ceremonies before the show. He'll tell you where to go. We always encourage you to come out for it as we love meeting new people! Just remember to tip the waitstaff well! They put up with a lot from our crazy group!