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What is a Rocky Horror Virgin?

The Clinton Street Cabaret’s performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the longest running shadow cast in the Pacific NW, is a wild ride. It’s a night full of debauchery, screaming, laughter, and an excessive use of language.

Since it debuted in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has gathered an extensive cult following, allowing people to be themselves, and learn who they truly are.

So, if you would like to learn more about what ACTUALLY happens at a Rocky Horror showing, keep reading.

You’re in for a crazy adventure.


To start things off, let us explain to you what exactly a “Virgin” is. A Virgin is someone who has never seen a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast at the Clinton Street Theater, or live theater production. While they may have watched the movie in the confines of their bedroom, or even with a large group, munching on popcorn, they have never experienced the thrill of seeing it live.

Super Virgin

The Clinton Street Cabaret has a tradition of auctioning off members of the audience (for real money! We take cards and cash.) You bid on your friends and family, so that we can bring them up on stage and have them participate in ALL of our Virgin Games, along with the rest of the Virgins. After all of the games have been played, Super Virgin is asked to participate in one of the opening scenes of the movie.

Virgin Games

The Virgin Games happen before the movie has even started. We ask all Virgins to come up on stage to participate in a few games. These are the games that the Super Virgin is asked to play all of. The games tend to be amusing, risque, and more than a little embarrassing; that’s why you have to be 18+ in order to play them.

Prop Bags

Prop bags are sold by our Trixie (we take cards and cash!), to audience members both while they are waiting in line for tickets, and while they are sitting down inside listening to the rules. Basic prop bags consist of a few, easy to gather items.

  • Rice: To throw during the wedding scene.
  • Glowsticks: To wave during “There’s a Light”.
  • Noise Makers: To use along with the Transylvanians during Lab Scene.
  • Toast: To throw during Dinner Scene when Frank calls for a toast.
  • Party Hat: To wear when singing Happy Birthday to Rocky
  • Toilet Paper: To throw when Brad yells “Great Scott!”.
  • Cards: To toss when Frank sings “Cards for Sorrows” during “I’m Going Home.”

Audience Participation Lines

A very large part of going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show is to interacting with the movie (and the rest of the audience!) by screaming at the movie. If you see that geek in the thick black-framed glasses, call him an "asshole". That innocent young girl in the pink dress? Call her a "slut"! Honestly, we won't mind. Hell, we'll probably be screaming it right along with you. Most of the Audience Participation Lines (AP Lines) take a little while to get the hang of, but if you have a line of your own that you think is great, scream it! Heck, if it's good we may even steal it and use it each week!

Here are a few lines to get you started:

  • When Brad Majors appears or says his name, greet him with the customary "Asshole!"
  • When Janet Weiss's name is mentioned or she just deserves it, call her a "Slut!"
  • When Eddie appears for the first time, a cry of "Not Meatloaf again!" works wonders! Random Meatloaf jokes through the rest of the movie are also encouraged!
  • The Criminologist (who tells us all about our faithless heros) has no neck! Make sure he knows! "This man has no f#cking neck!" is popular to say when we first meet him.

Dance the Time Warp

Let's do the Time Warp again! Get up on stage and follow along with everyone else! We aren't grading you on your performance, just have a good time! It's just a jump to the left and then a step to the right! Just watch the Crim! He'll show you how to do it!

Have Fun!

We get our energy from you, the audience! So if you like something, make some noise and show us! Yell until you're hoarse! Dance! Sing along! Just have a good time!

Be Yourself

One of the most important aspects of Rocky Horror, is being able to be yourself. Not being afraid to come as you are, and knowing that you will never be judged.

We hope this helps you on your journey through Rocky Horror. As you can probably tell, it isn’t your average show. However, you will have an experience that you won’t forget for the rest of your life. So we hope to see you one day soon, and don’t forget; Don’t Dream It, Be It.